Kids Cook Monday…

I found a great website called My kids chose the recipe, I shopped and they cooked. Monday night, they made Lasagna Cupcakes. Fortunately for me, we had leftovers and I put them into their lunchboxes for school on Tuesday.

In This Lunchbox:
-Lasagna Cupcakes (kidscookmonday.org0
-Raspberries and Strawberries
-Carrots with cashew cheese dip
-Dark Chocolate Almonds


Hope you all had a great summer. Today was my kids first day of school…kindergarten, 3rd grade and 6th grade. Today I sent them to school with almond butter and banana sandwiches, string cheese, plums and pluots, mixed berries and organic raw corn on the cob. In the front pocket or the planet box…seaweed and a honey stick.


More lunches…

Just looked at my last post, it has been a month since I have posted a lunchbox. I won’t use the excuse that I have been busy (even though I have been), its a cop out. Instead I will admit to being lazy and not making my blog a priority. My year commitment to posting lunchboxes it coming to an end. Over the summer, I will be available for Children’s Nutritional Counseling. This will include supermarket tours, menu planning and healthy, kid friendly recipes. I will post more information soon.







<img I will share more information after my kids leave for summer camp on June 20th. For now, i will post the lunch photos that I have been patiently waiting on my phone.

So excited for summer fruit…

This weekend at the farmers market there were tons organic berries and the first round of the stone fruits, cherries and peaches. My kids love the summer fruits. All berries, peaches and cherries are on the “Dirty Dozen” list, so make sure that you are buying organic or pesticide free.

Here are a few photos from the last two weeks.




Happy Spring…

Tonight was the last night of spring break for my kids and the first night back to lunch duty for me.  Today was a busy and exciting spring day.  We started at the farmers market, moved on to an Easter party, into the pool for a swim and from there headed to the emergency room, my youngest split her chin open.

In this lunchbox…

*spelt matzo with peanut butter/coconut butter spread and bananas

*organic strawberries are back at the farmers market – Yay!

*kiwi – Kiwi contains twice the vitamin C of an orange, more potassium than a banana, and as much fiber as a bowl of bran flakes. -Dr. Oz

*walnuts – we all need omega 3s.

*dried plums – fiber and vitamin K


*kumquats – the fruit is meant to be eaten with the skin, the skin is full of antioxidants and essential oils (

*honey sticks